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In-house manufacturing lets us control the process and stick to the schedule.

Steel Elements International provides light gauge steel trusses for:

  - schools
  - hotels
  - retail stores
  - banks
  - fire stations
  - assisted living homes
  - correctional facilities
  - military housing
  - churches
  - stadiums
  - office buildings
  - residences


Visit the Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association for technical notes on all aspects of CFS floor and roof trusses, including handling, installation, bracing and tolerances.


Steel Elements International CFS trusses: built to save you time

Cold-formed steel truss construction can reduce your labor costs. For example, Steel Elements International fabricates cold-formed steel roof trusses that don't require web bracing on the job site. That one difference can save you hours, sometimes days of work in the field.

Truss design may cut costs, too. We can show you how a long span may eliminate the need for a bearing wall, for example.

Two more ways Steel Elements International makes you more productive

  1. Working from your plans and specifications, Steel Elements International fabricates and assembles light gauge steel roof truss sections in sizes that allow for easy transportation and installation. Tell us when your crane will be at the site, and we'll schedule your shipment to meet it.

  2. No plans yet? No problem. We'll help you determine what you need and what it may cost, whatever the roof line - pitched or flat, with hips, gambles, monos, mansards or scissors. Light gauge steel floor trusses, too.

We've got an eye for details. Custom bent fascia plates, soffit framing, hat channels (purlins), connector hardware, fasteners, rafter's all in our scope.

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Steel Elements International is your single-source supplier for a full range of LGS truss assemblies and services:

  • Gable trusses, spanning from one support to another
  • Girder trusses, supporting trusses or framing where other structural supports are not available
  • Valley trusses, placed above common trusses where intersecting roof sections create valleys
  • Truss-to-truss and truss-to-bearing connections
  • Permanent bracing
  • Shear transfer framing between the roof deck and the building structure

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